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 1. Documentary Information:

Look at Smart Glass in a Whole New Way

Scienstry Presentation in Berlin

Receiving New Product Innovation Award Analyst Quotes

2018 New Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan

How to Evaluate Smart Glass and Liquid Crystal Switchable Film

Introducing Switchable Projection Glass

Casting Laminated Switchable Glass

Introducing Switchable Projection Window

Being Green and Informative with 3G Switchable Film

Haze and Application Temperature Comparison

Why 3G Switchable Film Is The Best for Projection

3G Switchable Film and Smart Glass Are Widely Used In Expo 2010

3G Switchable Film and Smart Glass Come With New Features

Advantages of 3G Switchable Film for Smart Glass

Store Advertising with 3G Switchable Film

3G Switchable Film Self-Installation for Smart Glass

Revolutionary Installation with DayLightCure glue  

New Product Announcement for NPD-400 Series of 3G Film

Applications of Underwater Projection

Electrical-Optical Curves

Optical Data for 3G Switchable Film and Glass


2. Picture Information:

Application of 3G Switchable Film and Smart Glass in Office

3G Switchable Smart Glass in 24 Major Airports in China

Large 3G Switchable Smart Glass in World Expo 2010


3. Video Information:

How A Switchable Projection Window Works   


Switchable Projection Glass for Both Front and Rear Projection


Comparison on Transparency between Switchable Projection Glass and Laminated Smart Glass


Luxury Cruise Ship SWIFT 141 Is Entirely Covered

with Super Reliable 3G Switchable Film/Glass

360 Degree Viewable Projection Screen

Proof of Viewing Angle Independent Brightness

Underwater Projection      Underwater Movie

Ambient Light and Contrast Ratio

Application of 3G Switchable Film in Mall

Projection on Street       Application of 3G Switchable Film in Street

3G Switchable Film Turns a Glass to TV

Powerful Storefront Projection Screen in Tradeshow

3G Switchable Film Becomes a Star in Canton Fair

3G Film Is Used as Main Billboard in World Largest Fair

3G Switchable Smart Glass in Shanghai Airport in China

3G Switchable Smart Glass in Beijing Airport in China

3G Switchable Smart Glass in World Expo Observatory

3G Switchable Smart Glass Used in Expo France Building

TV News: Chinese governor highly evaluate the contribution of 3G Switchable Glass/Film in World Expo 2010

TV News: 3G Switchable Film/Glass becomes the most attractive area in World Expo 2010

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