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3G Switchable Film,
Glass, and Projection Screen

Powered by 3G technology: NPD-LCD (Non-homogeneous Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display)

In the 21 century, liquid crystal switchable film should have high performance features, including:

  1. best optical properties

  2. low driving voltage

  3. highest stability for moisture, heat and UV,

  4. all weather applications from -30°C to 80°C from indoor to outdoor,

  5. both front and rear projections,

  6. super diffusion

  7. great energy saving

  8. long lifetime.

3G Switchable Film/3G Switchable Glass/Projection Screen or 3G Film or NPD-LCD™ is the latest (3rd) generation of liquid crystal switchable film, having a similar function  of what are commonly called an switchable window, smart glass, liquid crystal glass, privacy glass or PDLC, but at a much higher level. A novel non-linear polymer system and a new theory have been successfully used to solve all the previous problems in the switchable window industry, such as high haze in clear state, high driving voltage, moisture sensitive, UV instability, poor or no projection capability, narrow temperature range  and short lifetime. The NPD-LCD technology has theoretically and practically blocked all chemical, electrochemical and optical factors that can cause the film to deteriorate. With these improvements, the total quality of 3G Switchable Film/Glass has been greatly improved to a much higher level. It perfectly combines light valve, projection and energy saving functions together. Haze in the clear state has been reduced from 10% to 3% ultra clearness, driving voltage has been reduced from 90V to 20V low and safe voltage, several new technologies have been used to protect liquid crystals and to extend operational life time to 50 times longer (more than 100 millions on-off switches), and moisture, heat and UV stability have been greatly improved to suit both indoor and outdoor (lamination with regular glass) applications.

The standard sizes is 3.5 m2 (124cm x 280cm or 49" x 110").

3G Switchable Film not only has the best quality, including both front and rear projection, viewing angle independent (VAI) brightness for projection image and great stability for moisture, heat and UV light, but also has a competitive price. 3G Switchable Film/Glass puts All Of The Best Features In One. By comparison, it is not difficult to find that no other liquid crystal switchable films are better than 3G Film in the market. 3G Switchable Film has very board applications. Its great longevity and reliability have been fully field-tested by supporting various commercial uses, especially for World-Class projects. Let 3G Film be the wings for your imaginations and always brings you to your desired destination.

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