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NPD-LCD (Non-homogeneous Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display) is a new generation of LCD that fundamentally impacts traditional applications, and extends LCD’s to outdoors. If you've never thought about outdoor LCD's, it’s time to introduce yourself to NPD-LCD.


NPD-LCD fuses liquid crystal, non-linear polymers and optical technologies into a unique structure. NPD-LCD is a sunlight readable LCD and also capable of displaying information in darkness.  NPD-LCD has remarkable characteristics of having both normal (positive) and reverse (negative) modes and both glass and film type products. The normal mode NPD-LCD is milk white and can turn to clear under an electrical field; the reverse mode NPD-LCD is clear and can turn to milk white under an electrical field. The principal layer of NPD-LCD consists of liquid crystal micro droplets dispersed in a transparent non-linear polymer matrix. When the long axis of liquid crystals are perpendicular to the substrate, the display allows incident light through and appears clear; when parallel or off-perpendicular, the display scatters incident light and appears milky white. An electrical field may change and control the orientation of liquid crystals, which in turn changes the display states between transparent and scattering. Orientation of liquid crystals in a natural or uncharged state can be determined by a specially designed system of liquid crystals and polymers. Full color NPD-LCD’s are also available.

Innovative Display Technology
Innovative Manufacturing Technology


Following the invention of NPD-LCD in the laboratory, Scienstry extended its innovations to the production process field and to the LCD production line equipment field. Our achievement in combining NPD-LCD and STN-LCD processes together allows LCD manufacturers to produce both types of LCD in one production line. Innovations, successful all the way from creative ideals to mass production, have shown Scienstry’s extraordinary ability and leadership in the LCD industry, and have also shown our unique manner of business.

A single NPD layer laminated between ITO glass or film can show its full function, without the need for polarizers and polyimide alignment layers. Since NPD-LCD structure has been simplified nearly 50% in comparison to typical STN-LCD, material cost is reduced more than 50%, and manufacturing process is also shorted by 25%. These improvements make final products highly profitable, while able to retain competitive pricing at only a fraction of LED’s.

Technology Transfer


We are open for dealership and distributorship opportunities in different regions of the world, and will provide great discount and strong support.  We are open for investment as well as for patent licensing and technology transfer.


LCD industry requires a high level of compatibility among related businesses of material, process and equipment fields. Equipment must meet process requirements, and process must meet material requirements. The best LCD equipment manufacturer needs great depth of knowledge and experience from all related fields. Although it is extremely difficult for one company to master all knowledge from these LCD related businesses, Scienstry has achieved this. For over a decade, Scienstry has proven its leadership in business of LCD production line equipment with several dozens of inventions and innovations, and has also successfully brought high standard, high quality and competitive prices together. Since we deeply understand the LCD industrial chain, we have avoided many misunderstandings among these fields and greatly reduced the risk of investment. Our LCD production line equipment has been used in LCD industry for years, fully optimized and proven to have better suitability to the needs of LCD manufacturers.

Click below to see some of our standard equipment for manufacturing STN or other types of LCD’s. We also make varied custom-made equipment including in-line equipment for LCD and semiconductor industries. Please contact us for detail specifications and competitive pricing.

LCD Production Line Equipment
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